Tuesday, 31 May 2011

books for sale

this is a bit of back post, but I made a bunch of books to sell at my degree show, and I wanted to document it. Made to look like my own sketchbooks, they display an accumulation of drawings from the last year. The A5 book, 'copse and rubbers', is a random selection of everyday drawings, and the small book, 'tits and boobys', is a book of birds.

I sold a few at the show, not many, but the nice people at the recoat gallery in Glasgow expressed an interest in selling them. Haven't even been to that gallery yet...

Monday, 30 May 2011

first day of the rest of my artistic life...

hello, this is my first post on a blog that I created to document my post-academic artistic pursuits. I have just completed a degree in fine art, and have been in education for pretty much the last 17 years, so now it's time to do some life. I hope to document my day-to-day ideas, thoughts, and creative stuffs.

So, yesterday was the last day of my degree show, which was 9 long days of invigilating time. This meant I had a lot of time sitting around, but this also meant I could get a shitload of knitting done, and here are the results of my invigilating/knitting time:

Yay, a pair of socks. Not my first pair, and won't be my last, but I had plenty of comments during the show about the difficulty of 'turning the heel'. If you are interested in the efforts of my degree show, go here: www.sarahjohnston.weebly.com