Thursday, 14 June 2012


Been doing some new drawings, so thought I'd snazz up an old vest with one. Wanted to make a high contrast line pattern, white on black. First is my initial drawing, and then the vest, onto which I painted (poorly, haha) with a posca pen dipped in white fabric paint. Most of the fabric paint came off in the wash but it's quite a nice faded grey now, very subtle and lovely. I shall employ the skills of a screenprinter next time.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

degree shows 2012

It is/has been degree show time for 2012, and I have been on (what is becoming) my annual tour of the Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow degree shows. Looking mostly at Fine Art I saw some very interesting shows.
Got to thinking that the Glasgow and Edinburgh colleges need to do away with the sub categories in Fine Art and just leave it to the students to label themselves with 'photographer' or 'sculptor' or whatever.
Anyway, a few of my favourites who have websites are listed below. I'll not try to describe or critique them like I did last time, just enjoy the images.

Kirsty Mckeown  -

Tim Sandys  -

Anna Bruce  -

Magnus Eriksen  -

 Ben Cocker  -

Couldn't actually get any images for the artist Alex H Millar, but a beautiful little show was put on at the GSofA, which you can see here  -

Nicola Brennan  -

Xiao Wang  -

Another artist whose pics I couldn't get was Emma Ewan, whose work I found very emotive, and other-worldy. You can see it here  -