Sunday, 26 May 2013

knitted sock hanger

I have a south facing wall which I hesitate to put pictures up on, in case of fading etc., so I decided to make it a feature for my knitted socks, a wall-mounted washing line if you will. I thought dolly pegs would be excellent for this, so I painted a few of them badboys up:

and later drilled some holes in them. I don't have any more 'process' photos of me making it, so here it is the final product:

Thursday, 23 May 2013


Following on from my previous post about frame-making, I bought a band clamp so I could cheaply and easily make some more frames (glass-less, obviously).

I ended up splitting the corners and re-setting it about three times, trying to get it straight. Also wrecked one of the corners trying to do the job of a rebate plane with a chisel, ha. But I filled it in and it's fine. The whole shitness of the frame correlates with the shabbiness of the painting, yes, that's my statement for that. 

7-inch vinyl box... that I didn't really make.

Been trying to find vinyl storage for a while now, decided to build my own instead, cue the 6mm MDF.
Previously I made a 12-inch vinyl box out of 12mm MDF, glue and nails, but it came out a little... sarah-y, so you won't be seeing it here.
So I came up with a similar design(minus the nails), cut the board, and began glueing:

After several hours of setting/clamping, it promptly fell apart. I brought in my father to do the job properly:

IT STAYED TOGETHER. I tried again with the next piece:

IT FELL APART AGAIN. Feeling like an utter failure at woodwork, I call on my father again:

PERFECT! So the box became his project after that - dads just know how to make shit out of MDF:

And I just painted it:

Nice one, dad!

Thursday, 16 May 2013

guitar wrecking/restoral

have an old 'checkmate' acoustic/classical style guitar from around 1969 - a Japanese mass produced effort so nothing special. thought I'd make some attempt at customising it/restoring it/could be ruining it forever, ha.
started this on the 16th February 2013, 3 months ago. here's the original:

see that bit of paper underneath the A string second from right, reckon that's been there since 1970. but without it the string buzzes, so will have to get a new nut. 

6th April 2013: and the sanding begins....

14th April 2013: finally got the fucker apart...
after much chisel knifing and malleting:

and a little bit of repair work:

that's all for now.

Monday, 13 May 2013

kitchen decor

haven't updated in a hell of a long time, lost my studio space for a while(about 3 months). back up and running now though. there will probably be some backblog posts as I rediscover stuff I've been working on over the past few months.
so lately I've been making a few simple frames for a couple of 'proper' paintings I did years ago at uni:

really simple stripwood frames, glued + stapled then glued onto hardboard, painted black and white.

and so I've twee-ed up the kitchen.