Thursday, 23 May 2013

7-inch vinyl box... that I didn't really make.

Been trying to find vinyl storage for a while now, decided to build my own instead, cue the 6mm MDF.
Previously I made a 12-inch vinyl box out of 12mm MDF, glue and nails, but it came out a little... sarah-y, so you won't be seeing it here.
So I came up with a similar design(minus the nails), cut the board, and began glueing:

After several hours of setting/clamping, it promptly fell apart. I brought in my father to do the job properly:

IT STAYED TOGETHER. I tried again with the next piece:

IT FELL APART AGAIN. Feeling like an utter failure at woodwork, I call on my father again:

PERFECT! So the box became his project after that - dads just know how to make shit out of MDF:

And I just painted it:

Nice one, dad!

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