Monday, 20 June 2011

glasgow degree show

On saturday I popped along to the last day of the gsa (fine art) degree show, which was possibly the worst day to go; most of the artists's postcards had run out, and some had begun the removal of their artwork, so I didn't get the whole picture. Also, many of the artists don't have up-and-running websites, so I couldn't look them up further, or provide you with any links and pictures.


...what I did see included a wind-up music box, alongside of which was a warning sign declaring that the box 'mutilates dead mice'. Thinking that this sign was a joke, I began to wind the box for a moment. After nothing happened, I moved on to see that behind this box, was indeed a dead-mouse mutilating contraption, which was... interesting, and a teeny bit horrific. The artist was Euan Ogilvie.

I also saw some tasty art, which included baked dough frames, an old chair that had been re-laced with strawberry laces and a 'live' portrait of the artist with strawberry lace hair. Artist was Gillian Mairi Alexander.

And then some performance art, which I didn't even realise was happening. I was presented with a narrow darkened room, and floor cushions inviting me to sit down and flip through a book. In front of this, three lengths of fabric hang from the ceiling, and in this fabric - suspended by it - the artist is lying naked and completely still. I don't think a lot of visitors noticed her presence, I certainly didn't until I went up and had a good nosey. The artist was Julia Scott.

An interesting and very different show to eca and djcad.

The Scotsman does it better here.

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