Friday, 20 July 2012


New project: I am going to make effects pedals from scratch.
I am interested in how things work, how I can modify them to suit. As soon I got an autoharp, I took it apart and fashioned some new chord bars to go in it, which turned out to be very simple. Although after I did this I found out that it was commonplace to change the chord bars in this way! Still, I learned the mechanics of the instrument and I also made it better for my needs.
Making a pedal from scratch is a little trickier though, and will require some help from my electronically minded father. I am hoping to make something a little like this...
...but with less nuts. I plan to go around a few charity/junk shops to find some interesting objects in which to house all the electronic bits. As for the electronics, I found some circuitry on the interwebs which look a little like this...
 ...which is all jargon to me just now. It will take some time before I have any results to show you, but I may begin by taking apart some old pedals. And seeing as I have never used any pedals before, I will probably buy my 'first' one; this dan electro tremolo pedal which I am assured is quality though it is non expensive:

I will keep you posted...

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